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With our experienced people, leading technology and passion for exceptional customer service, we provide a complete range of directional drilling services, delivering results that are second to none. Our services include:

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National Drilling Services Rentals, specialists in oilfield equipment rental, provide top quality Drilling Tools including Drilling Jars, Shock Subs, and all other drilling equipment with competitive prizes.


The Cougar Hydraulic/ Mechanical Drilling Jar

Provides the advantages of both hydraulic and mechanical drilling jars


  • The Hydraulic Delay: This feature allows the jarring force to be varied down the hole by changing the overpull. The delay also permits the drum brake to be applied, which protects the hoisting equipment when the jar fires.
  • The Mechanical Latch: The mechanical latch firmly holds the mandrel in the neutral position in relation to the jar body, preventing any unexpected jarring while making connections or tripping into or out of the hole. The linear motion of the latch is not affected by torque. This latch prevents wear of the tool during normal drilling operations. No safety collar or special handling procedures are required on the rig floor or down hole.
  • No Unexpected Jarring: Reduces damage to surface and downhole equipment. Prevents accidental release slips.
  • Simple to Operate: No safety collars or special handling procedures required.
  • Less Restricted Jar Placement in BHA: May be located in the string in tension, neutral, or compression.
  • Maximizes on Bottom Time: No waiting for the jar to bleed through when applying compression.
  • Hydraulic / Mechanical Release: Simple up or down motion; no torque required.
  • Linear Latch: Not affected by torque; may be used in high friction or directional holes.
  • Special Metering Device and Hydraulic Fluid: Delay timing remains relatively constant, even after prolonged jarring.
  • Fully Sealed and Oil Bath Lubricated: Less wear and longer service life.
  • Spline, Latch, and Hydraulic Chambers Separated: Prevents contamination of the fluid in the hydraulic chamber.
  • Hydrostatically Balanced: Not affected by hydrostatic pressure.
  • Relatively Short: For ease of handling and transportation.
  • Fewer Body Connections: Reduces connection failures.
  • Safety Nut: Minimizes potential fishing jobs by preventing parts from being left in the hole if a connection is accidentally backed off.
  • Backup Jarring Feature: In the unlikely event of a failure in the hydraulic delay mechanism, the tool will continue to function as a mechanical

Shock Sub Tools

Our Shock Tool is an extremely reliable shock absorber. It assures long life with a wide range of applications from rotary drilling to high speed directional drilling. The tool is designed to improve penetration rates, prolong drill bit life and prevent damage to the drill string. The specially engineered Belleville Springs and Rubber Pack Systems provide maximum vibration dampening, long life and high reliability.


•  Reduces excessive drill bit wear

•  Reduces metal fatigue

•  Increases penetration rates

•  Shorter length ensures maximum lateral stiffness

•  Specially designed steel spring provide maximum vibration damping

•  Availability of high temperature seals

•  Tools are available in all popular sizes, 4 ¾" through 9"

•  All bottom hole shocks are bored for float