With our experienced people, leading technology and passion for exceptional customer service, we provide a complete range of directional drilling services, delivering results that are second to none. Our services include:

•  Well Designing & Proposal Packages

•  MWD Services

•  Drilling Services

•  Drilling Tools Rental


MWD Services

Our MWD technologies and services are designed with versatility, speed and precision in mind. For conventional wells, our mud pulse MWD system delivers reliable, accurate results. In more challenging drilling scenarios, our electromagnetic MWD system provides proven reliability and industry leading precision.

Pulse MWD

Using conventional mud pulse telemetry to communicate information from the bottom of the wellbore, both Honeywell Tensor and Geolink systems send encoded pulses through drilling fluid and decode MWD survey data at the surface.

Because of our commitment to extensive product engineering and development, our MWD tools have been proven to substantially improve MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) records.

Mud Pulse System Advantages:

  • Customized information through variable data transfer rates
  • Shock-resistant directional sensor
  • Sensitive downhole temperature sensor indicates geothermal gradients
  • Gamma ray sensor facilitates geological interpretation
  • Designed for 3 ¾ and larger hole size


  • Positive pulse design
  • Fully retrievable and re-seatable
  • Toolface updates available every 6 seconds


  • Negative pulse design
  • Very robust design
  • Toolface updates available every 6 seconds

Electromagnetic MWD

Our EM E-Link system provides the reliable data needed for precise drilling in applications where conventional mud pulse telemetry is unsuitable. Our system uses electric signals to transmit real time directional and geological data under the most challenging wellbore conditions. Our EM-MWD tool is able to face the demands of any project, including underbalanced drilling and shallow gas projects where speed is a top priority.

EM-MWD Advantages

•  Highly reliable tool with no mechanical moving parts

•  Minimal maintenance requirements

•  Adjusts to high voltage as formation conditions require

•  Uses battery power more efficiently than traditional methods

•  Rapid updates of toolface ensure high data relevancy

•  Downhole annular pressure and gamma ray modules provide formation and drilling data under any drilling scenario