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With our experienced people, leading technology and passion for exceptional customer service, we provide a complete range of directional drilling services, delivering results that are second to none. Our services include:

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Drilling Services

Every well has unique characteristics and challenges. We have the Drilling Motors that will lead to high penetration rates and reliability on any well. Whatever the formation or drilling conditions, we take the guesswork out of the selection process by engineering the right combination of power and speed to maximize results. We supplies all extended power section configured mud motors that provide the torque requirements of PDC bits.

Features & Benefits

•  All mud motors, all rated to a temperature of +140 C.

•  Mud motors are designed utilizing the latest developments in power section, bearing assembly, and drive shaft technology.

•  All our mud motors utilize a sealed bearing assembly, maximizing performance and efficiency.

•  For either straight hole or directional drilling, we supply a large selection of motors.

•  Both conventional and extended power section configurations are available, offering a wide range of bit speeds and torques.

•  Motors are available on request in numerous sizes, ranging from 4 3/4 to 9 5/8.

Power Section Categories

  • Moderate Torque

Medium speed motors are typically 4:5 or 5:6 lobe configurations with bit speeds ranging from 90 - 270 rpm for a given tool size. Medium speed motors are used to drill soft to medium formations with soft tri-cone or less aggressive PDC bits.

  • Low Speed - High Torque

Low speed motors are typically 6:7 or 7:8 lobe configurations with bit speeds ranging from 70 - 190 rpm for a given tool size. These motors are well suited for drilling medium to hard formations with harder insert and aggressive PDC bits.

  • Ultra Low Speed - Air

Ultra low speed is typically a 7:8 lobe configuration with bit speeds ranging from 30 - 90 rpm. These motors are well suited for drilling extremely hard formations where bit life is a primary concern.