OUR SERVICES - Well Designing & Proposal Packages

With our experienced people, leading technology and passion for exceptional customer service, we provide a complete range of directional drilling services, delivering results that are second to none. Our services include:

•  Well Designing & Proposal Packages

•  MWD Services

•  Drilling Services

•  Drilling Tools Rental


Well Designing & Proposal Packages

All well design proposal packages are generated using a highly sophisticated well designing and planning software. The proposal package includes all the engineering details for the planned well including Torque & Drag, Hydraulics simulations. Emphasis was placed on creating a professional, comprehensive layout that not only is efficient in its data display but format as well. Key features of the proposal package include:

•  Full summary of pertinent well location and design information

•  Drilling procedural overview and recommended practices

•  Proposed well design surveys with key-point summary table

•  Fully interpolated geologic formation tops

•  Wellbore stick diagram & mud program notes

•  Comprehensive time & cost analysis based on ROP estimates from bit records of offsetting well data

•  Operational time estimate breakdown of activities

•  Full magnetic declination calculations

•  Detail-oriented wallplot with proposed surveys, interpolated geological tops, surveyed surface culture


Multi Lateral Drilling project

Horizontal Drilling project